Hardy's Handicap Events and Games

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Hardy's Handicap is open for play beginning March 2011. The competition will culminate in October 2011 with a tournament between successful teams in a Ryder Cup-style competition at a premium golf resort location.

Join my professional network! Compete and collaborate-not only in your professional endeavors, but in your off-line professional pursuits. Match your off-line, recreational golf acumen-both in score and in holes played in an on-line golf environment offered at Hardy's Handicap.

Scrambled Eggs Game "Scrambled Eggs" - Scramble to play a number of courses in your locale. Complete 18 holes at any local course; post your score from each course played during the month; and, discover-one hole at a time - an 18-hole course that is secreted online and comprised of selected holes from 18 different courses in your area. Complete the 18-hole, online course to win points or prizes.
Bingo Bango Bongo Game "Bingo, Bango, Bongo" - a variation of "Scrambled Eggs". Selected holes from numerous courses around the area are posted online within a hidden grid. Complete a round of golf at any given course; post your score on-line at Hardy's Handicap; and, uncover any one, of several, of the selected hole locations. The first one to earn a "Bingo" wins points or prizes by completing 5 holes-vertically, horizontally, or diagonally-and by matching your scores to the holes already hidden online. (Even double or triple bogies can win points!)
Head to Head Game "Head-to-Head - The familiar tournament both to the competitive and to the recreational golfer. Shoot a round; post your score from anyone of the courses that are "featured" on the home page at Hardy's Handicap; and, wait for the computer to match your handicapped score against the score of a randomly selected competitor. Beware! Hardy's Handicap may choose to even the field by implementing its' own version of a handicap.
Head to Head x2 or x4 Game "Head to Head x2" or "x4" - Matches randomly selected groups also comprised of members from the network. Alternatively, you may choose to team up against a twosome or foursome assigned by the system, or against your own chosen competitors - whether played on the same day or each on a different day - doesn't matter. Remember, scores are important in the Head-to-Head competitions, but the random nature of the selected match-ups helps create the drama that adds to the fun. Everyone has an opportunity to win.
Tic-Tac-Toe "Tic-Tac-Toe" - Post the score of any hole played at one of the "featured" courses to achieve 3-in-a-row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Your score for any given hole must match the score of the hole hidden within the grid. (Yikes! You may even match a hidden "hole-in-one" and win big!) Of course, the cat may take it; and, it may take several attempts, using the holes and scores played, to win the points.
All of those who compete by simply playing golf and posting scores will earn points. The obvious points advantage will go to those-either who play the most-or who compete the strongest.

At seasons' end, the "highest point getters" will be matched together in teams to compete in a year-end "Hardy Cup" competition. The competition will take place in a realtime environment at a premium golf resort selected from among the participating golf courses at Hardy's Handicap.

Register now! The first 25 will be enrolled for free. The next 25 will receive a $35.00 discount for registration at a cost of only $50.00. Watch for future announcements. The season is set to begin March 1, 2011.