Frequently Asked Questions

Golf FAQ

What is Hardy's Handicap?

Hardy's Handicap is a website - that when completed - will include a Membership Directory that provides contact information under Member Profile to serve as a marketing tool and to provide networking opportunities achieved through the off-line recreational pursuit of golf and scored within an "on-line" gaming environment intended to promote and to reward play.

Why join Hardy's Handicap?

The website creates a network of professionals from all environments and gives the members the opportunity to compete and to collaborate-both on and off-line-in related professional pursuits while playing golf. At Hardy's Handicap, the members match their off-line recreational play-both in holes played and in score-within the on-line golf environment at Hardy's Handicap to win points and prizes.

What if I'm not a very good golfer?

The majority of the games reward the "recreational" golfer simply for playing the game and for posting their scores. An official handicap or index is not required to participate.

Click on Hardy's Handicap Events for a description of the games.

What if I enjoy the competition?

Give us your handicap or ask us to register you with the NCGA. Select your own playing partners-or let the computer assign you randomly to a head-to-head competition, a twosome, or a foursome. Post your scores and watch the computer match those scores and apply your handicaps to determine the "points" winners.

If you want to play with your own golfing "buddies", simply post the scores for your "team" either individually or combined depending on the game selected. The computer will do the rest.

What do I get for my "points"?

Your points will be recorded; updated and posted; and, ultimately measured, at years' end (October 2011) to determine your standing. The top winners will be selected from their respective "industries" (see: Industry Code) in a Ryder Cup-style competition to play in a real-live tournament (The Hardy Cup) at a premier resort and golf location where you can get away with family, friends, and fans.

Are there prizes for participating only on-line?

Yes! Golf discounts will be offered for green fees and merchandise at the participating courses and retailers. Registration through Hardy's Handicap with the NCGA will also give you access to all benefits that the association offers. Moreover, your membership in Hardy's Handicap will provide additional play incentives and discounts on items such as sports equipment, food and entertainment, and even professional services.

Are there other benefits to membership?

Of course! Registration in the on-line directory provides easy access to a network of professional services. More importantly, your profile serves as a marketing tool. Your own ability to advertise your services is enhanced by your very participation in the website. Think of it: simply by playing golf and posting your score on-line, you can press the advantage to advertise your services.

More importantly, the site acts as a "social network" for those who enjoy the game and who love to engage each other, whether in a relaxing non-competitive game, or in a friendly, but potentially intense 7-month season.

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Are there other charges other than my first-time registration fee?

The competitive events may carry a nominal registration fee. But, the non-competitive events will be available beginning March 2011, free or charge, with your registration.

An additional charge may be required to register in the year-end tournament; and, of course, the winning members will need to pay for their own travel and other accommodations. But, Hardy's Handicap will press to secure the best available discounts so as pass it along to the competitors.

Why can't I play now?

The website is still under construction and will not be ready for play until March of 2011. We ask for your registration now so that we may present a total professional membership to the local courses and advertisers of an estimated 150 to 300 members so as to best solicit their participation.

Informal consensus tells us that there is a high level of excitement is high for the season to begin.

Contact us for details, marketing, and for Advertising Opportunites.